1. Whirr, Creak, Brrr, grooomm. Some of the noises that greeted me on my everyday drive to work. My ears groaned and I used to dread the thought of driving seriously contemplated the idea of shifting residence just so I could be closer to work. This Noise dive is really good. Its not like there is pin drop silence but driving is now pleasurable for the first time ever!!!

2. Never thought something as simple as controlling noise will add happiness to driving in the city. The traffic jams are still there but now I can actually listen to sweet music and no unwanted rattles and vibrations and ease the stress of the drive

3. Brilliant product. Omega is truly superior. Highly recommend it to any one who wants to enjoy driving.

4. Wonderful Service. This teams knows cars was not sure what to expect but was explained the products and basic principle involved in the process. Team is extremely patient and attentive to feedback. Well done.


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