Process & Benefits

We perform a detailed study in order to identify which noise source is the main contributor to the noise cacophony. Having identified the same, keep in mind your budget and time constraints we will devise a strategy outlining which product(s) need to be used to achieve best possible results.

Our strategy formulation is based on the four basics of noise containment:

  • Control - Vibration and resonance arising out of vehicle components
  • Absorb - Air borne sound
  • Block -
  • Isolate – Vehicle components which individually transmit vibrations but very often unintentionally ending up coming into contact with other vehicle components and make a rattling kind of noise
Use of Noise Dive services and products will result in
  • Perceptible decrease in noise levels heard within the vehicle while driving which includes noises like
    • Exhaust sounds
    • Engine sounds
    • Road sounds
  • Perceptible decrease in vibrations and rattles
  • Enhanced performance of car audio/stereo/music system
  • Reduction in heat
  • Overall enhanced driving experience due to reduction of errant sounds


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