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Ever since I can remember cars have fascinated me. To me they symbolize mastery over technology, a brilliant piece of machinery which if treated well and in the right hands will give you the same pleasure as listening to a symphony played by the masters or seeing a beautiful sunset……. you get the picture.

Over the years this fascination has metaphorphasized into passion which sees me locked away in garage tinkering away and experimenting to find ways and means to enhance overall driving experience. Noise Dive was born out of such tinkering cum R&D session. I tested. I studied. I spoke to scientists, engineers and manufacturers and have developed 3 products which when used will result in reduction of noise levels in the car while driving. The team at Noise Dive is a small one but albeit a passionate one which will do everything possible to make sure that you will have a superlative driving experience and will be able to make out perceptible change in noise levels in your vehicle before and after treatment.

There are many contributors to this cacophony - kind of whirring noise caused due to an aftermarket exhaust, resonance caused in the car due to low quality gauze sheet increasingly used by car manufactures in order to cut production costs, which submerge the occupants of the car in a dull vibrating kind of noise causing fatigue at the end of a drive making the car feel hollow and flimsy. Noise is also caused in some cars due to tyres, when the tyre contacts the road and noise originates from there on. This tyre noise reflects off of adjacent vehicles and obstacles along the roadway and enters your vehicle through the doors and side panels. This is why your tyre noise is so loud when you drive close to a wall. Air turbulence, traffic noise that originates from nearby vehicles or noise that originates from your vehicle and reflects off of nearby vehicles and back to you. Sudden downpour may leave you startled or make you feel as if you are an inhabitant of a tin roofed hut.

So basically these noises in varying proportions in different types of cars make up a lethal cocktail which slowly and surely kill the joy of driving and over time lead to physical conditions like headaches, fatigue, stress, irritation, impaired hearing, overall uneasy feeling when driving. This is where Noise Dive comes in; I strongly believe that every drive should be an experience worth cherishing no matter which car one drives. I also know for a fact that reducing noise will add exponentially to making driving a superlative experience. Acoustic re-engineering as an aftermarket treatment is a fairly nascent field in our country but is a concept that has been around in developed countries for a long time. Acoustic re-engineering through Noise Drive products allows us to introduce much need QUIET into Indian driving.

Here at Noise Dive we have products which help us target and influence different types of noises resulting in a superlative driving experience. You will be able to experience first hand

  • Reduction in road, engine and exhaust noises
  • Decrease in rattles and vibrations
  • Better performance from you stereo/sound system
  • Decrease in resonance and coloration from speakers


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